will plan and execute to perfection your…

Quick Getaway

If you are coming for a short trip with you spouse or child, we can make all the arrangements and prepare a nice appropriate itinerary to maximize your stay.

Family Vacation

If you are bringing the family hoping for them to connect to the country, we will prepare all your needs and make sure the family has a trip they will always cherish!

Bar Mitzvah

If you are bringing a large group for a Bar Mitzvah we will take care of the logistics and planning so you can enjoy your simcha without a hitch. From accommodations, to parties, to touring…

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Just a Few of the special surprises Israel With Style has waiting for You!

that you may not find elsewhere!
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The Itinerary Specialists
Is this you?
"I want it to be a spiritual trip but we want to make sure the kids enjoy..."
We really want to pack it in. Can you make an itinerary that is realistic?
"I am going for the first time and I will only have a few days of touring what is the best way to spend my time?"
"We have a wide age range from grandparents to young children what day can you plan that everyone will enjoy?"
"We want to have a great time but we don’t want to spend endless amounts of money..."
"What can we do to keep both my little kids and big ones both happy?"
"We don’t like to be rushed but we do want to accomplish a lot..."
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Be Inspired & Have Loads of Fun!
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Old City of Yerushalayim
Tzfas Shuls
travel 3,000 years of Jewish history
Secrets of the Old City of Yerushalayim

Photo: Daniel Majewski

Machane Yehuda Shuk Tour
Machane Yehuda Shuk Tour
travel back in time with the smells & tastes of Yerushalayim of old
Old City of Tzfat
Tzfas Artist Quarter
Photo: Dafna Tal
Mystique of the Old City of Tzfas
meet the masters of hidden and revealed Torah
Judean Desert

Photo: Dr. Avishai Teicher

Call of the Judean Desert
Yericho, Masada, Ein Gedi & Dead Sea
Echoes of Greatness
Echoes in the Hills & Caves
Yehuda, Dovid, Shimshon & Bar Kochba
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Extreme Action
Jeeping & ATV
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Army Time!
israel air force museum
israel air force museum
Flying Dreams
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Rappelling - Caving
Horseback Riding
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Taste, See & Experience
Exclusive wineries, vineyards, ancient wine presses and even breweries!
Enjoy a tour of Israel's Wine Country with highly acclaimed winemaker David Fox from Fox Cellars.
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book with us and enjoy the
best rates for Israel Hotels
because many people don't know Israel With Style
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#1 in Everything We Do!

At Israel With Style we treat every aspect of our business as if it is our only business.


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