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Boating on the Kineret – Speedboats, Matressing, Tubing, Banana Boats and more

When you approach the Kineret from over the hills, the gorgeous blue water will be calling you. And when you get down seaside you will be treated to all kinds of boat rides and attractions on the Kineret! You can choose from,  Kamikazi speedboats, banana boats, tubing, and of course everyone's favorite "matressing" or carousela as the Israeli's call it.

It may be for 10-20 minutes but it will feel like forever, especially if the boat driver is in a really good mood and decides to give you a good splash for your money! Not to worry he will give each group the exact experience they are looking for.

So when you take a trip to visit the Kevarim, why not give the kids some fun with a stroll on the boardwalk and dip into the Kineret for an exhilarating ride through the water! This is the one stop in Teveria the whole family will remember.

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