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Best Jeep Tours in Israel

Top Jeep Tours in Israel

Jeep tours are probably the number action adventure in Israel. Almost anyone who comes to Israel for the first time takes a jeep tour… and the second time and the third and every time they come back. What is even more amazing is that not only is a jeep tour mandatory for each visit but the length of the jeep tour grows each time. So a first time Israel jeep tour may be for one hour, the next time two hours after that 4 and then eventually a full day.

So while there are many jeep tours in Israel here is our list of the 4 best places to take a jeep tour

#1 Midbar Yehuda Judean Desert Jeep Tour

israel jeep tour


Without a doubt a Judean Desert Jeep tour is the most exciting jeep tour in Israel. The mountainous peaks over looking the desert, the Dead Sea, Jordan all the way to Jerusalem make this a thrill not to be missed. You will literally hang over the edge for the duration of your tour. You may see camels and sheeps and bedouins are a given. You will go up to peaks where you will wonder how you will get down as the deep valleys drop on all sides. This is the stuff you see in magazines and wonder how they got there!

#3 Dead Sea Har Sodom Jeep Tour

If you are staying at one of the Dead Sea hotels the Dead Sea jeep tour is the tour for you. The two main places you will visit are the incredible Mount Sodom, a mountain made of nearly pure salt. The road through it will take you on narrow twists in a scene that looks like it was set up for a grand prix. Once you reach the top you will treated to spectacular views o the Dead Sea. If you take a two hour or more tour you will drive back through Nachal Pratzim with its majestic natural rock sculptures that make you feel like you are in a kind of Disneyland. What is most amazing is its location as a huge canyon cut out of the flat desert terrain. You will dive in and be amazed!

#3 Mitzpe Ramon Jeep Tour

The Ramon Crater is the world’s largest erosion crater and has so much to offer. Your Mitzpe Ramon jeep tour will take you to visit its canyons, climb its mountains and see its wildlife, fauna and other wonders. The views are stunning, with one peak called facebook mountain because when someone visits it always becomes their new identity on social media. When you are done enjoy stargazing under the most amazing star filled sky!

#4 Golan Heights Jeep Tour


The Golan Heights never ending array of rivers, streams and mountains makes a jeep tour a beautiful and fun way to see the area and have a great adventure. You will climb up and down the rugged terrain on the banks fo the Jordan River and climb mountains giving you views of Syria and Lebanon. You will go into water and have the wind blow through your hair and this fantastic adventure!


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  1. AustinFebruary 18, 2021

    I’ve never been to Israel, but I’m curious because you said everyone wants to come back here again. I will choose a place on your list to visit and explore Israel. I hope the trip goes well, and I may want to return to Israel many more times in the future.

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