Caesarea, Hunting, Beit Shearim

beauty, history & action!

Maybe the most perfectly balanced tour you will ever take. This tour has it all (and sometimes some surprises!)


History comes to life in Caesarea. Herod’s brilliant building skills and a gorgeous  ocean background will blow you away. The long history of tragic event in Caesarea will keep you spellbound and some great multimedia presentations will round out the visit.

Bow & Arrow Hunting Trip!

Enjoy an outing you won’t forget. Learn how to use a bow and arrow from the pros and learn the history of warfare using the bow and arrow. You will go on a hunt in the forest shooting imitation animals, and top it off with some fun competitions where you can showoff your newly acquired skills!

Bet Shearim

Visit the beautiful and mysterious Beit Shearim, burial site of Rebbi Yehuda HaNasi. Walk through the dark caves and see fascinating and diversely decorated tombs in the hallowed burial grounds of old, where people from all over the world yearned to be buried.

This off the beaten path trip is already a family favorite for all ages!

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