Is a Green Judean Desert really a Desert?

The Judean Desert is a green desert. When it rain and then the sun shines suddenly the mountains come to life and sprouts anew. The barren brown mountains become┬ácovered in green. The reason why the Judean Desert is barren is because of something called the “rain shadow effect”. As the moisture and wind from the Mediterranean hits the Judean hills the wind rises dumping all its precipitation on the side of the mountains facing the Mediterranean Sea. The Eastern side which makes up the Judean Desert is left with a very dry wind and nothing to bring it to life. But on those occassions where the clouds manage to keep their baggage over Jerusalem and take it out to the desert, the desert will bloom!

So if you are going jeeping in the Judean Desert, don’t be surprised of you see hills covered in lush greenery. You’ll need to come at the right time but it could happen!

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