Rethinking The Israel Aliyah Equation

A fair percentage of Jews harbor dreams of making Aliya deep in their hearts. For almost all except the very brave, these feelings remain buried for life, as practical considerations don’t allow many people make the leap. It is not easy leaving the comforts of home, and the US dream has always offered more economic opportunity than Israel’s historically socialist leaning policies. Ditto the healthcare system.

Coronavirus, with all the problems it heaped on people, has made people rethink the equation and realize how much has changed in the last two decades. Suddenly the US economic picture is not so rosy, especially for young people trying to break in. Israel on the other hand has developed a very strong middle class, distinctly missing in the first six decades of its existence. For example cars are no longer a luxury as the roads are full of beautiful modern cars. The revised US healthcare system is now showing cracks, while Israel’s gets stronger everyday, due to a heavier reliance on technology, Israel’s specialty.

While Israel was too small to compete in the old world of manufacturing, now that the world is technology driven, tiny little Israel has become a world powerhouse. With time Israel will only become stronger. Israel will become a force to be reckoned with in many industries from pharmaceutical to cars, as software will become the brains that drive almost every formerly commodity item the world has to offer. Unrest and antisemitism in previously Jew friendly countries has made many people uneasy.

The bottom line is that Israel is no longer a spiritual pursuit despite the physical hardships. It is now a reasonable alternative when considering quality of life. Throw in the Israel homeland advantage and you have a wave of aliya from sectors of the Jewish diaspora that’s never been a player in Aliyah before.

We look forward to welcoming home all our brothers and sisters. Please contact us to help you with jobs, apartments and anything you need.

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