If you came to Israel for an adrenaline rush, you came to the right place.

israel chavaya

Israel Chavaya! will let you enjoy all of Israel’s greatest thrills at a per person fee. So come as a group or by yourself to get your adrenaline rush and a genuine Israel Chavaya!



Rappel down Israel’s most beautiful cliffs. Rappelling sites across the country for all levels from young beginners to expert daredevils!




Jeep Israel’s magnificent desert landscapes for a ride you’ll never forget. You will keep coming back for more, guaranteed!



ATV + Shooting

Two man ATV one drives the rugged trail while the other shoots with an M16 Airsoft gun at targets along the trail. May the best team win!



Dead Sea Kayak

Take a Kayak to incredible sites in the hidden parts of the Dead Sea. Navigate into rivers and lakes formed from the sinking Dead Sea!


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