Israel Touring & Itinerary Services

Israel Touring & Itinerary Services

Israel Touring

Israel Itinerary Planning

There is so much to do in Israel.  Whether it is your first time here and you want to cover the basics, or you are a frequent visitor and are looking for an adventure off the beaten path, Israel With Style can tailor an itinerary to maximize your time and fun.

From historic site and museums, to hiking scenic trails, or for action and adventure, for all the hidden nooks that only the locals know about, whether in the lush north, the scenic Golan, the incredible landscapes of the Judean Desert and the Negev, from idyllic and quaint villages to fascinating nooks in the city, Israel With Style will bring you to places that your entire group is sure to enjoy.

Israel With Style will set up an online itinerary and build your trip with you, from beginning to end.


Attraction Bookings

Over the past few years so many fun activities have come to Jerusalem.  From Segway and bicycle tours, to bowling and ATV riding, horseback riding and jeep tours, midnight bicycle riding and unique theme parks, there is so much to do.  Israel With Style can arrange your bookings for you and use our connections to make sure you get first class treatment.


Tour Guides

When your tour demands an experienced tour guide to bring the country alive, or your itinerary of action and fun will benefit from a trip manager who will get you to all the right places and make sure everything runs smoothly, Israel With Style can provide you wonderful people who will be just right for your outing.  Whether you speak English, Spanish, or French, whether you are looking for someone who is a wellspring of information, or an adventurous soul who will keep you on your toes, we will set you up with someone who will make your experience a fantastic one, beyond your wildest dreams.



Israel With Style can arrange for you any sort of transportation to accommodate your group.  From private taxis, to minivans, to mini-buses, and full sized luxury coach buses.  No matter the size of your group we will find the right solution for your needs.  Want to drive and need a rented car?  No problem, Israel With Style can arrange that also.



Keeping the stomach happy is critical to the success of your trip.  Peruse our trip menu packed with delicious snacks, nutritious lunches, and energy bars that pack a powerful punch keeping your adrenaline flowing all day.  See our Breakfast & Trips menu, to make sure everyone is well fed and content throughout the trip.


Trip Photographer

Israel With Style can arrange a photographer to photograph your outings, allowing you to enjoy the surroundings and leaving the photography to an unobtrusive professional to document for you.  Instead of posing for pictures, let him catch the memories as they happen.


Israel Restaurant Itinerary & Reservations

Jerusalem has so much food and there is so little time!  If you’d like to dine out in one of Jerusalem’s array of delicious restaurants, you can find the restaurant’s number call them and through the noise and maybe even a slight language barrier you can secure your reservation.  But there is another way.  You can call you personal concierge at Israel With Style and tell us where you’d like to eat and when and we can make the arrangements for you.

Better yet your dining need not be done on an ad-hoc basis when you arrive.  Let us plan your dinner schedule long before you get here!


AI’s Famous Park BBQ

BBQ’ing in the park is a favorite pastime in Israel, known by the locals as “Mangal”.  If you are looking for a delicious and fun alternative for dinner, call us and we will take care of all the details.  All you need to do is show up, eat, and enjoy!


Out of Jerusalem Accommodations

Whether you are looking for an apartment in Safed for Shabbat, or a hotel in the Tel Aviv for the night, or accommodations in the North for a couple of days, Israel With Style can find the right solution suitable for your needs and budget.  Unlike on-line services, at Israel With Style we’ve seen the accommodations and we have met the host, giving you a level of comfort that cannot be obtained elsewhere.


Israel Party Planning

Are you coming to Israel for a dream simcha?  Let us make it a dream by meticulously planning your simcha with you.  We can plan  the party itself  including venue, catering, decor, photographer, etc.  Don’t forget about all the preparations for the big day as well as accommodations and itinerary for all your guest.  Planning a simcha at home is not easy.  Let us sweat the details when you are thousands of miles away from home!


Israel Shopping & Souvenir Chaperon

An integral part of every vacation is shopping.  It is an opportunity to pick up things for yourself that you don’t have back home.  The problem is that as tourist the shopping that presents itself to you is geared towards tourists while the best opportunities are far beyond your reach.

Israel With Style will help you shop like a savvy local!  Whether you are hunting for gifts, or to treat yourself, or just want to go window shopping, Jerusalem has shopping to suit your fancy.

Shopping Spree – Israel With Style can take you on a shopping spree to help you get the best of what you are looking for at the best prices!

Gifts –  We will also take the anxiety out of gift shopping directing you to the perfect place to buy the perfect gift!

Trip Website –  Do you want to document and save your trip in a custom made website to show your friends and family?  Israel With Style can make you a trip website complete with journal, trip map, and a gorgeous gallery of your photos!

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