Wineries, vineyards, ancient wine presses and even breweries! Enjoy a tour of Israel's Wine Country and visit world famous wineries. Ella Valley, Jerusalem Hills, Golan and more. Tour the wineries, taste exquisite wines and shmooz about wine and life with the proprietors!

top wineries
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Domaine Du Castel
Considered from the finest wines in the country.
Tulip Winery
High scoring wine in a unique village with unique employees!
Kitron Winery
Ben Haim Winery
Great wine and great fun. Drink and be entertained in Herzliya!
glass blowing workshop
Barkan Winery
Family friendly tour of Israel's biggest winery. Movies, bottling, ..
Kitron Winery
Israel's only gravity winery in the gorgeous Galil Hills.
Nevo Winery
Enjoy a boutique winery experience with delicious wine.
flam winery
Flam Winery
Ella Valley quality, from the most heralded wine in the country.
Alexander Winery
A fourth generation rarity. Taste its unique smoky wines.
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Some of Israel's Top Wineries
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