Judean Desert Tanach Adventure

This Judean Desert experience will bring Tanach Alive like you've never seen before!

something new! something exciting!

From a mountaintop overlooking the Judean Desert, you can watch Tanach unfold before your eyes. You can be eyewitness to 10 dramatic events that unfolded before your eyes! This 360 degree panoramic view lets you see the plains of Yericho, the Jordan River, the Dead Sea and so much more!

Avraham, Moshe, Yehoshua, Shaul, Dovid Ruth, Eliyahu, Chashmona'im...
We will make it come alive!
Shofar Blowing with all kinds of exotic Shofars will bring down the walls of Yericho!

Swords will relive the magic of Shaul and the righteousness of Dovid.

Dress Up as our forefather who wandered the desert in search of refuge!

Don't forget the desert entertainment with our desert ensemble for a great time!
We will make our own fire from scratch. Enjoy a sumptuous BBQ or Pita Making with pizza and other dairy favorites!
tanach swords

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