Amnon’s Jeeping & Bedouin Tent Tour



Amnon’s Jeeping & Bedouin Tent Tour

Jeeping in the Judean Desert is one of the highlights of every trip to Israel. With Amnon jeeping you get to meet the Bedouins along the route. You’ll traverse the mountaintops to reach the famed Azazel Peak where the Kohen Gadol would throw the goat from each Yom Kippur. But the desert terrain along the journey is populated by various Bedouin clans, all friends of Amnon.

You be greeted by excited Bedouin kids running towards the road when Amnon’s jeep appears in sight, all of them inviting you to enjoy the herds of sheep and take donkey rides. You will see and learn the Bedouins ways. You’ll also learn about how to survive in the desert and how water is acquired and stored passing cisterns along the way.

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    Judean Desert

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