AquaKef – Tiveria Water Park, In the Kinneret!!



AquaKef Tiveria Water Park, In the Kinneret!!

AquaKef Water Park in the Kinneret is a really unique attraction. The entire water park is inside the Kinneret in the water. It is like a kids jumping park but here you not only jump on the different slides and stuff you even jump off of them. This add a totally new dimension to the fun. A water park like you’ve never experienced.

AquaKef is a virtual island of fun. Last year AquaKef was a huge hit in its opening year. In light of AquaKef’s success the owners have expanded it four fold! This will be a very exciting year at AquaKef!


  • Category
    Action & Adventure, Boating & Water Sports
  • Location
    Galil, Teveria - Kinneret

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