Biking in the Ella Valley

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Biking in the Ella Valley

The beautiful Ella Valley (near Beit Shemesh) is home to some of the most beautiful pastoral terrain and bike trails in Israel. Twenty five wineries have figured this out already, and have opened shop in this lush region! The Ella Valley is also home to a lot of Biblical history, dating back to the days of Dovid HaMelech where it served as the border between the Jews and Pilishtim. It also has many cave networks from the days of Bar Kochba.

What’s interesting here (aside from our Ella Valley & Shfela tour) is the opportunity to go out into the open for a bike ride and indulge in the terrain of Adullam. Aside from the incredibly gorgeous scenic backdrop and fun trails, you will also pass by hidden caves and ancient ruins that you can explore (with a guide).

Ella Valley biking caters to all styles and levels. There is challenging rough terrain with uphill and downhill trails, while if you prefer a relaxed scenic ride there are many perfect flat routs to follow. The beauty is in the topography, which envelopes you as you take off, immediately isolating you from the humdrum world, leading you into the tranquility of the undulating hills, gently curving valleys and shady patches of Mediterranean forest. It is on this existing natural perfection that the region’s roads, tracks and trails were planned.

The Ella Valley is home to one hundred kilometers of designated biking trails and single tracks paved by the JNF. These are planned and designed at the highest professional level; they follow the natural terrain and scenic routes of the region offering easygoing sections alongside more challenging technical sections, thus transforming a simple bike ride into a real excursion.



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