Dig For a Day – Real Israel Archaeological Dig



Dig For a Day – Real Israel Archaeological Dig

Want to join a real archaeological dig in Israel? Dig For a Day is a fun family adventure that everyone always enjoys! You will be led into a cave (nice and spacious for the claustrophobic types) where you will be given pales and digging equipment, and start to hunt for old artifacts. The good news is that there is plenty to find since the Idumeans dumped all their less valuable houshold items there before they fled from Shimon HaMacabi. You will then go out and sift your dirt to make sure you haven’t left any artifacts behind. After that you can enjoy crrawling through tighter caves if you are up to it. The kids will be, for sure.

The guides are entertaining and the cave is cool even in the heat of the summer. Dig for  day a great family activity, but be prepared to get a bit dirty.

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    Action & Adventure, Kids Action
  • Location
    Beit Shemesh, Jerusalem Area

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Additional Information
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    as far in advance in possible.
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    To book call us at US 516-690-6106 or Israel 054-840-6454 or send email or fill out form.

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