Ein Mabua Spring – Refreshing Desert Hike



Ein Mabua Spring – Refreshing Desert Hike

As soon as you leave Jerusalem to the east you’ll find yourself in the Judean Desert. But unlike other deserts the Judean Desert has various water sources even though it doesn’t rain in the Desert. There are various natural springs as well as springs the form from Jerusalem rainwater. Ein Mabua Spring is one of the popular springs deep in the belly of the desert surround by tall cliffs.

Travelling the road to Ein Mabua Spring is an adventure in its own right as you snake over, below, and around the desert mountains until you finally plunge towards the Ein Mabua parking lot. You will be met by a concrete swimming pool which what is officially the Ein Mabua Spring. This pool fills and empties intermittently from underground rain water seeping from the hills of Jerusalem. Watch the water go up and down with a mind of its own.

From there you can take a beautiful hike downstream through the large desert gorge. You can either walk through the shallow water seeing schools of fish swimming by or walk on the dry land on the side while from time to time going to frolick in the water. The scenery is magnificent with heavy greenery overhanging from both sides. In wetter seasons you will see spontaneous waterfalls on the sides of the stream.



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