Emek HaChula – Bird Heaven & Family Fun



Emek HaChula Bird Paradise

When the Israeli pioneers came to Israel at the turn of the 20th century they dried up all the marshlands up in the Northern Galil. They overdid it just a bit with some severe repercussions to the delicate ecological balance. So they then restored the Emek HaChula or Chula Lake to its natural state, and the area has really blossomed.

Lake Chula is the favorite stopover for 500 million birds that migrate from Europe to Africa for their winter vacation. During these special times of year you will be treated to an amazing spectacle at Emek HaChula. Other times of year you will still see beautiful birds as well.

What makes the place special for the whole family is that the trail around Lake Chula can be done by bike or golf cart so everyone chooses his vehicle and everyone has a great time!

Tours that go to Emek HaChula

  • Golan Heights Family Tour

  • Golan Heights Adult Tour



  • Category
    Action & Adventure, Biking, Nature, water, Zoo & WIldlife
  • Location
    Golan Heights

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