Masada – A Symbol of Courage

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Masada – A Symbol of Courage

Masada is the national symbol of courage in Israel.  The mountain top fortress built by Hurdus (Herod) was the final stand against total Roman domination of Israel after the destruction of the Second Bais HaMikdash.  Masada held out for two years past the destruction, but after building ramparts that would finally give the Roman army entry to the fortress, the inhabitants chose mass suicide rather than face the Roman army.

The site is incredibly well preserved with many structures still in tact, making for hours of fascination once on top.   The climb itself to the peak is somewhat of an institution.  There is also Herod’s palace and fortress, as well as many communal buildings that give the visitor a sense of life on Masada.  The view of the Dead Sea and into Jordan from the summit of Masada is breathtaking and people often come to daven at sunrise for a feast of the eyes!

To reach the top one can climb the snake path or take the cable car.  There is also an easier ascent from the back end of the mountain.  Attractions at Masada include the cable car, jeep tours, an audio visual light show near Masada, and guided tours.  Masada is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Israel.

To join a full day tour itinerary which includes Masada, jeep ride, and camel ride see our Masada Tour.


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