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Nachal Darja is a rite of passage for Israeli teens. Every Israeli kids pines for the day that he will get to go along when the older kids go to “the Darja”.  The Darja, a rugged full day hike, starts atop a  narrow canyon with high walls, dry waterfalls and pools of water in natural craters that you will need to swim across.  At times your descent will be aided be metal holds and ropes.

 Bar Kochba’s fighters retreated to the Darja, making their last guerrilla-style stands in these mountains in the hopeful but erroneous belief that this difficult hike would deter Hadrian’s army. It didn’t work for them, but will it deter you?

Join us for a hike in the Darja together with a lunch in nature… if you are courageous enough. Don’t worry your guide is Israel’s favorite and best guide, the one and only Ariel Fishman. You are in good hands!


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    Action & Adventure, Extreme Israel Tours, Hiking, Israel Tours, Mountains, Nature
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    Judean Desert

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