Powered Parachute Ride Israel (Buckeye)

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Powered Parachute Ride Israel (Buckeye)

If you are looking for a real thrill a Powered Parachute Ride in Israel, also known as Buckeye, is just for you. It combines the thrill of being airborne, together with the natural beauty of Israel. This ultra safe flight will let you experience Israel like no other way. Its easy and relaxing pace lets you enjoy the ride without fear. Fly over the beautiful Sharon area viewing the vistas of Tel Aviv and enjoying the coastline and the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean Sea as well. If you want an even more exotic experience you can enjoy a powered parachute ride in the place of your choice anywhere in Israel. Think Masada or the Kineret!

Powered parachute rides are suitable for all ages from six years old and up. The powered parachutes in Israel fly at around 30 mph at altitude around 500 feet. A duel powered parachute is used with a professional pilot flying you. Due to demand it is best to reserve a few days in advance.

The combination of a powered parachute and Israel is an experience that will be savored for a lifetime and surely give you something to relish after you get back home!


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