David’s Slingshot Workshop: Fire Away!



Slingshot Workshop

David the Shepherd turned king was not the only one to use a slingshot in war, although he was certainly the most famous as he slayed Goliath. Slingshots were the long range weapons of ancient warfare traveling nearly half a kilometer. Now you can make your own slingshot and learn how to use it at our slingshot workshop. You will learn what an ancient slingshot looked like (hint: not what you pictured).

And the setting is perfect, right in the Ella Valley where David slew Goliath and many other wars were fought in Israel’s ancient history. You will hear the history of our wars and make you very own war machines. You will get to try them and test yourself and compete for the longest shot and the most accurate shot.

Great for action seekers of all ages. Come and enjoy great fun in the heartland of King David’s heroism.


  • Category
    Action & Adventure, Weapons & Combat
  • Location
    Jerusalem Area

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