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Zipline Gush Etzion

Want to fly through the air held from above by a rope? The Gush Etzion zipline is by far the most amazing zipline you’ve ever been on (unless you plan on going to Dubai zip off a skyscraper). The zipline Gush Etzion is a whopping 400 meters and by far the longest in the country. It crosses a valley for extra effect, and you’ll land on the neighboring mountain. You can zip all by yourself or with others together, perfect for parents and their kids. Standing on the platform is the only challenging part for those scared of heights, but once you start to zip down the line you’ll relax and have a great time. Little kids can do it as well, and they loooove it!

There are other smaller attractions at the site like rope climbing and smaller zipline, but if your going to go there, it is for one reason only, the famous Gush Etzion Zipline. There is also ATV riding from the same site that goes through vineyards, and there are other attractions like the winery, Kever Rachel, Tzomet institute, and the shooting adventure at Caliber 3 to make this a fun full day trip if you’d like, with our famous Gush Etzion tour.

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  • Category
    Action & Adventure, Flying
  • Location
    Gush Etzion, Jerusalem Area

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Additional Information
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    Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
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    Winter 9:30-4:30 - Summer 9:30-5:30

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