Chevron – Mearas HaMachpelah

The Gates of Gan Eden, the Resting place of the Avos

Kever Rochel

Join your voice with a mother’s tears for her children

Chevron Tour: Mearas HaMachpela & Kever Rachel

For those who just want to go daven in Chevron at the Mearas HaMachpela and also daven at Kever Rachel, this trip is for you. It is a less than four hour trip from 9am-1pm. You will travel in bulletproof bus and stop to daven at these Mikomos HaKedoshim and come back for and afternoon activity. This is not a tour but rather a trip.

For those who want to do an activity in Gush Etzion on the way back (Caliber 3, Pat BaMelach, Tzomet Institute, ATV) we can make all the arrangements for you, drop you off and arrange transportation back to Yerushalayim.

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