Tel Aviv and Jaffa have some of the most colorful and fun touring options. Don't miss it when you visit Israel!

Enjoy the famous museums in Tel Aviv including the Palmach Museum, the Blind Museum and more.
Experience Tel Aviv markets from the colorful Carmel Market and Nachlat Binyamin to the bustling Sarona Market.
Graffiti in Florentine, Bauhaus on Rothschild Blvd. Roots in Neve Tzedek and more!
From the famous candy workshop to yachting in Herzliya, flying ATV, wineries and more!
tanach swords
Old Jaffa
Old City
Enjoy s stroll through the stone alleyways of Old Jaffa through the town square and down to the port
See the boats at this historic port and hear about Jaffa's fascinating history.
Browse so of the finest and most interesting galleries in the country including the legendary Ilana Goor collection that will blow your mind!
Flea Market
Pick up stuff that they don't sell anywhere in the world. It will definitely amuse you!
tanach swords

Enjoy a fabulous day exploring the pulsating cities of Tel Aviv & Jaffa!

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