Caliber 3 Shooting Adventure

Are you ready to join the Israeli Army? The Caliber 3 shooting adventure in Gush Etzion is not a couple of guys with a gun license who opened a tourist attraction.  Caliber 3 shooting adventure is the real deal. It is first and foremost the premier Counter Terror & Security training academy in Israel. As an aside they open their facilities to tourist who want to experience the real thing.

At Caliber 3 you will be indoctrinated into the sophisticated and moral world of the Israeli army which stands head and shoulder above the rest of the world. You will also get down and dirty with real weapon training. Your IDF instuctor will become your drill sergeant with no mercy as he teaches how to properly deal with a soldiers best friend. You'll see a number of counter terror drills and then starts the real fun.

Your trigger happy kids (and the child within you) will anxiously and impatiently wait for their moment of glory,and finally you will all get what you've so anxiously awaited. Handling and firing different kinds of guns and finding out if they have what it takes to be an expert marksman. And at the end of the day they will all get an eye opening experience of what it means to be on the fronts line and get a sense of what it feels like to fight terror. You will pay the price with push ups and other demands that your instructor will make of you:)

The 2 hour experience includes a tour of Caliber 3’s facility, interacting with Israeli Security professionals, participating in a live counter-terror demonstration, shooting assault rifles and sniper rifles, competing in a sniper tournament and experiencing the life of a counter-terror professional.


Caliber 3 Info

Time: 2 Hours

Location Gush Etzion

Ages: ~6+

Price: Expensive

Website: Caliber 3