eating is also part of the fun!

taking the trip to new dimensions!

Trip Meals

Part of every great trip is food. At Israel With Style we take food very seriously from snack like muffins and cookies on our tours to great meals while we our on the road. There is nothing like delicious food and a relaxed atmosphere to put your body and mind at ease! Israel With Style can arrange BBQ’s, picnics and other meals at great locations. Whatever you opt for you will definitely enjoy!


Enjoy bagels, paninis, wraps, pasta and more on your trip. Enjoy it with our famous salads and top it off great deserts like our specialty muffins and cookies! We hope it won’t make you forget where you went… but it might!


If you are going on a group trip for the day, you can end it with a festive BBQ in a beautiful park. American style (and taste!) hot dogs, chicken, nuggets, hamburgers, and steaks. We will provide plenty of side dishes like fries and salads, and of course dessert!

Bedouin Meal

You will make a Bedouin oven in nature just like the old days. Start a fire from scratch and enjoy pita with salads and even meat. Making the meal will be half the fun, but eating it will be the main attraction!

ASK us about our summer BBQ in Yerushalyim parK!

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