Dear Traveler,

We look forward to welcoming you in the Holy City of Jerusalem. We have no doubt that whether it will be you first trip to Israel or you are a returning visitor, you will enjoy the experience of a lifetime. Like so many millions who come from the four corners of the world, you will surely find something to fall in love with in our country that perfectly melds an ancient past with modern attractions and comforts.

Israel With Style takes great pleasure in helping you prepare for your visit and enhancing your stay by providing you concierge services on par with a luxury hotel. Israel With Style is honored to be the only phone number you will ever need throughout your stay. Enjoy a friendly voice and personal chaperon to arrange all your needs, from arranging apartments, trips, and logistics, to dining and food delivered to your door. We know the country and are here to serve you. Feel free to call on us for whatever it is you need.

Wishing you a fantastic stay!

The Israel With Style Team

Questions Our Clients Ask

1. Which arrangements for my visit to Israel does does Israel With Style take care of?

Everything you will need from when you arrive until you leave. Israel With Style will book your accommodations, help you prepare your itinerary, down to last detail from touring and dining including bookings, transportation, and requirements for you each trip.

2. What are the pros and cons of staying in a vacation apartment vs. a hotel?

An apartment offers two critical advantages; cost and luxury. You can rent a vacation apartment as nice as five star hotel suite for ¼ of the price, and it can sleep 10-12 people!  You get a kitchen, full dining room/living room, multiple bathrooms, and privacy.   At the low end, the differences are similar.  The only thing you lack in a vacation apartment is hotel services, but with Israel With Style you get even better services than a hotel at a fraction of the cost.

3. There are many apartment and hotel booking sites. Why should I book through Israel With Style?

Firstly they are all trying to sell you their accommodations.  Israel With Style is a neutral party acting on your behalf, as we don’t benefit from your choice of accommodations. We work with all vacation apartment rentals in Jerusalem, and will find you the nicest accommodations at the best price.

Moreover many apartment rental sites aren’t physically present in Israel, or even if they are they have not met the manager/owner or seen the apartment.  Israel With Style visits and inspects every apartment and we meet the manager/owner. We will show you pictures of the apartment as we took them, and not professional pictures that may have been touched up.

4. Is there any advantage to booking with Israel With Style if I know the apartment or have a personal recommendation?

Absolutely! Finding accommodations is just the beginning.  Israel With Style is about service. When you book with us, we become your five star hotel concierge. We provide a room service menu, Shabbat food menu, apartment stocking and grocery shopping before you come.

If you haven’t planned an itinerary, or even if you did, we are your hotline while you are here to ask about touring and activities, restaurants, shopping, or any other questions that we can help you with.  We also arrange personal care professionals whether dry cleaning, manicure/pedicure, makeup artist, hairstylist and more.

5. What is the cost of all these amazing services that Israel With Style provides?

For most of our services there is no fee. For other services we take a referral fees from the vendors so it doesn’t cost you anything. Even our food menu prices are similar or cheaper than street prices, and a far cry from a $10 glass of orange juice from hotel room service.

6. What if I find an apartment I like on a different website?

There are plenty of websites where you can find Jerusalem vacation apartments.  There are mega-sites like airbnb and their competitors as well as websites specializing in Jerusalem apartments. At Israel With Style we work with most apartment managers, and can get you almost any apartment you find, at the same price.  Just send us a link and we will get it for you.  And of course we will meet the owner and take pictures in cases that we haven’t already.

7. How far in advance do I need to book an apartment?

It depends on when you are coming.  Summer and Chagim are booked months, or even up to a year, in advance. It is wise to book as soon as you know you are coming because Jerusalem is a popular destination all year around, and the best apartments go fast! Even if you are coming on short notice, give us a call. We have so many apartments, we won’t rest until we find you your apartment.

8. What if I am coming with a large group, can Israel With Style find apartments for the whole group in one location?

Israel With Style has what we call cluster apartments or Minitel’s.  These are a number of apartments in one building or very close by.  We can provide apartments for groups of 60 people and still keep you all together.

9. If I am coming to make a Simcha can Israel With Style help me with it?

We offer full event planning, covering every last detail of the party whether a Bar Mitzvah, Wedding, Sheva Brachot, Chalaka, or anything else. We can find you the perfect venue, hire all the right people, and add those special touches that will make it a Simcha of a lifetime. We also provide special itineraries for groups coming in for a Simcha.

10. Does Israel With Style offer services to people who don’t book their accommodations through them?

We like to provide service to everyone. We even provide some services to our competitors, who would like to offer their clients better service. That being said, many of our services are gratuitous, and exclusively for clients who book through us.  However, some services like ordering from our menus, are available to anyone, although first priority is given to our own clients. In addition our website is a free resources and directory for attractions in Israel, and we are constantly adding to it.

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