How AirBNB Changed the Way We Stay to Israel

Jun 10 2015

How AirBNB Changed the Way We Stay to Israel

The Olden Days of Vacation Accommodations (circa 2010) – Hotels

Once upon a time, in the olden days not many years ago, when we went on vacation the only place to stay was at a Hotel. These hotel’s charged lots of money for each night. And for what?  A room about the size of our bedroom at home and if we were lucky a chair in the corner. For this we paid about one week’s worth of rent of a nice three bedroom apartment back home! If you stayed and a better hotel the room even had a fridge, from which you could buy a drink for the price of a six pack on the street!

You couldn’t really blame the hotels though. These poor guys spent billions of dollars building hotels, furnishing, upkeeping, and staffing them. And if they were successful they had a sixty percent occupancy rate. Someone needed to pay for all this. No?

Fast Forward 2015 – Vacation Apartments

abnbBut then came along a knight in shining armor called AirBNB and changed the rules of the game. No, AirBNB didn’t build hotels, and they didn’t even have offices in every city in the world. All they had was an idea and a website. From this microscopic blip on the Internet, they started a revolution, and pretty soon they were the biggest hoteliers on the planet! Today you can stay at a luxurious apartment for a fraction of the cost of a comparative hotel, but with much more space and multiple bedrooms.

By creating a marketplace for people to rent out private homes, AirBNB turned millions of people into hotelier under the AirBNB brand name, by allowing them to have a ready market for their extra space. Without laying a single brick and without a single chambermaid, this summer after a few short years in existence, AirBNB will be hosting close to 1 million guests a night, without owning a single room! Their guest include not only opportunistic vacationers, but even wealthy executives. In fact before his legendary annual shareholders meeting in Omaha, Nebraska, Warren Buffett recommended to the expected crowd of 25,000 people that they book rooms through AirBNB.

The AirBNB Achilles Heel

no serviceSounds great but there are a couple of drawbacks, potentially fatal for some.  First, who is going to take of you? In a hotel there is front desk and all sorts of people to help you. There are basic amenities (i.e. food!) when you need it, dry cleaning, personal care, and a concierge to advise and guide you to the best destinations in town. Second, how can you rely on the premises themselves from pictures that may or may not accurately portray the apartment? Even if others have commented on the place, we all know they saying that one man’s dream is another man’s nightmare. When you check into a Hilton you know more or less what to expect, but not when your taxi pulls up to a side street with an old building in front of you after flying half way around the world..

Israel With Style – The Best of All Worlds

studio conciergeFrom this gap, sprung the idea of Israel With Style. What if we can provide Hotel like services to private vacation apartments? What if we can check out the apartments firsthand being completely objective? What if we can be there for the traveler once they land in Israel? With Israel With Style you can stay at luxurious vacation apartments with even better care than you receive at a hotel. It’s like going to a hotel where the manager, head waiter, and concierge are all your best friends. You order snacks, light meals, Shabbat menu, answer your questions, deal with any issues you face, and make sure you have a great time by arranging everything you need.

So what is the moral of the story? Of course, to book your accommodations through Israel With Style, but maybe even more importantly, think twice before invest your life savings into Hotel stocks!!

If you have any questions about Israel With Style and how their service works, you can click here for the Frequently Asked Questions which will answer most questions.  You can also email Israel With Style at

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