Israel is Printing Juicy Steak!

Can Israel be a leader in the worldwide food industry? With a population of less than 10 million people and only a small strip of real estate to cultivate, that would traditionally be a big joke. But not anymore. The 21st century is all about technology and you don’t need 1 billion strong workforce or huge swaths of planet earth under your control  to become a world leader.

So now Israel with their progress in 3D printing is ready to revolutionize the food industry. Now instead of raising cattle, slaughtering, processing and packaging, your local upscale restaurant can now just buy a 3D printer from Israel startup “Redefine Meat” and start cranking out juicy steaks from its kitchen without the mess. Hmmm… 3D printed steaks, juicy or dry, just turn the dial and order your favorite style. 

The machines use “ink cartridges” containing plant based formula to produce high-protein, no-cholesterol vegetarian steak that looks, cooks, feels and tastes like beef. Today the machines crank out 13 pounds of “alt”meat an hour but is expected to ramp up to 450 pounds in the future. 

Either way the future is here now!

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