Israel Bar Mitzvah Planning

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Israel Bar Mitzvah

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Making a Bar Mitzvah in Israel is a dream come true, but far from an easy feat. Let us plan and execute the perfect Bar Mitzvah making it a truly memorable experience for you and your guest from the moment you start to plan until you touch back down on the runway back home!

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Hotel Bar Mitzvah


Enjoy a Bar Mitzva with all your guests in any elegant Jerusalem hotel. We will work with the Hotel to make sure you get everything you need.

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Enjoy a dream Shabbos Bar Mitzva in Jerusalem. Without missing a detail we will make it happen!

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Gala Affair


For a weeknight affair, we specialize magnificent events according to your taste and budget.

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Whether your entourage will stay together at one of fine hotels in Jerusalem or you want to arrange luxury apartments, we can make the best arrangements for you.

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Kotel Morning


For Kotel davening we can arrange photographer and a scrumptious festive breakfast for your guests in one of the fine eateries near the Kotel.

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We arrange incredible extended itineraries for the Bar Mitzva boy and his family, as well as amazing tours for the entire entourage.


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