a riveting adventure in the Jewish Quarter like no other!
Come join everyone's favorite Yerushalayim Jewish Quarter Tour
Live our City's Dreams and Heartbreak
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Shaar Yafo
Familiar Walls: Secrets of a Jew Loving Ottoman Sultan
chizkiyahu's wall
The Broad Wall
Chizkiyahu vs. Sancherev vs. the Archaeologists
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Roman Cardo
Mark Twain & The Jewish Secret to Eternity
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Ramban Shul
Ramban: The Founding Father of the Return to Yerushalayim
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Churva Shul
The Churva Shul: The Heart & Soul of the Old Yishuv
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Bet El Shul
Bet El Shul: Great Tzaddikim Impossible Heights
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Tiferes Yisrael Shul
The Czar, the Emperor: Chasidus Takes Hold in the Holy City
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Independence for a country, Bitter Exile for a City
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and so much more!
Extra Bonuses
Who Am I Game
Have fun competiing to see who learned the most in our Who Am I Game at the end of our tour.
Scavenger Hunt
Crazy antic, mad dashes lots selfies. You will have a great time discovering the Old City.
photoshoot jerusalem old city
Take advantage of the ancient beauty of the Old City and enjoy gorgeous protraits to take home!

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