Nachal HaKibbutzim – Israel Water Hike with Tunnel!



Nachal HaKibbutzim – Israel Water Hike with Tunnel!

Not far from Beit Shean, Park HaMayanot, Gan HaShlosha, and other Jezreel Valley fun, you will find Nachal HaKibbutzim. Get on your water shoes and get ready for a some fun at Nachal HaKibbutzim. This easy and pleasant Israel water hike down the stream is perfect for all ages. You can even brings some tubes to float it down if you like all the water is quite shallow. You may see frogs and often turtles and of course plenty of fish.  On the horizon is Mount Gilboa and there is greenery on the banks for a more exotic feel.

To pass overhead road there are giant water pipes that the stream goes through, and herein lies the great fun for many, as they enjoy their own makeshift water park.  You’ll shoot through the pipes and hit the water at the other side.


  • Category
    action & adventure, Hiking, Nature, water
  • Location
    Golan Heights, Jezreel Valley

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