Live Virtual Israel Tours
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Principal Manahattan High School for Girls
May 26, 2020
Thank you very much. Your presentation was outstanding. The girls really enjoyed and I received excellent feedback. I hope to be in touch for future virtual tours b”H.
Assistant Principal HAFTR Lower School
May 21, 2020
Wow. Thank you so much. A wealth of information.
Pictures and footage were unreal. Interaction with kids was terrific.
He was terrrrrrrrrific They would have stayed another few hours.
sending out ur ending to students and want u to do this again
Very articulate and so knowledgeable He should teach at university
So much fun! We really enjoyed it and learned a lot.
He did an amazing job!! I would love to listen myself when I have the time.
I worked in the old city for 5 years - so this is so interesting!
Thanks so much
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While everyone wants to be live on the ground, we can get you pretty close with lots of benfits.
Enjoy spectacular and meaningful in depth tours of Israel from the luxury of your own home.
Israel Tours

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