“Minitel” - Apartments for Groups, The Answer To Hotel Simchot

Jun 14 2015

“Minitel” – Apartments for Groups, The Answer To Hotel Simchot

Minitel – Cluster Apartments for Groups, The Answer To Hotel Simchot

minitelMinitel – While apartments are becoming de rigueur for couples and families coming to visit Yerushalayim, what happens if you are coming with a group for a special occasion? Is a hotel the only option for a larger contingent arriving for a weekend Bar Mitzvah in Jerusalem? Not if you ask Israel With Style.

Israel With Style (IWS) has perfected group getaways. IWS is pioneering the Minitel model with luxury apartments clustered in one building that enables a group of fifty people to stay together during their visit, with options for more in buildings adjacent. Not only that, but IWS can arrange your Shabbat meals in one of the larger apartments and cater it as well.

This Minitel setup allows your group to enjoy specious and luxurious accommodations with privacy and have private concierge service spoil the group during their stay. IWS will arrange meals, tours, and other excursions all from the door of your Minitel!

Here are links to some apartments that are part of one of Israel With Styles’s Jerusalem Minitel

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