If you want to visit Tzfas, Tiveria and the Galil we have it covered from every angle and can give you the tour that is perfect for you!
Kevarim Tour
Visit all the famous Mikomos HeKedoshim from Tzfas to Meiron to Tiveria to Amuka with a few surprise off the beaten path stops along the way! It will be a day to remember!
Family Tour
Mix the mystery of Tzfas, Kevarim andfun together making it a fun and excting day for your family. Water, kangaroos, Bow & Arrow, ATV there are plenty of attractions to choose from.
Galil & Golan
Tzfas, Tiveria and northward for a holy and scenic day in some of the most beautiful places in Israel all the way up to the Golan Heights
Great Galil Attractions
Paradise Pools
Tzfat Tour
Elite Chocolate Factory
Water Hike
Kangaroo Park

Want to experience a great day in Tzfas, Tiveria the Galil and more?


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